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July 30, 2011



What a delightful surprise to find you in my feed again - welcome back to the blogosphere! You've certainly returned with a bang of wisdom! Hoping you and your beautiful family are enjoying a healthy, fun summer...

Mama Nabi



Welcome back! I've missed you.


It is SO good to see and hear you again, even if in words :). I've missed you,too!

Paula O.

Thank you for the warm reception, everyone. :) I hope to stick around a little longer this time. Hope you all are well. hugs, p


So excited to see you back again!


Oh my gosh, I love this post. You're amazing, Paula. In fact, I need to start doing some of those things on your list for myself. :)

Heart you.

Judy K.


excellent post, thank you for reminding me of the things I often take from granite. Slow down and enjoy the ride :)


Your post brought tears to my eyes hon. I am so lucky to have you in my life, to grow as a person, a couple and a family. I love you with all my heart and soul:)

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