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August 20, 2010


Marijane Nguyen

What an amazing story! I came across your site through a search for adoption blogs. I'm also a transracial adoptee, adopted from Taiwan by Caucasian-American parents. After watching the video, I felt inspired by the courage, faith, and strength of Jon Blais in the midst of such a tremendous challenge for both him and his family. When you see such a story, it makes you examine your own life and think about what's truly most important; it's so easy for me to get caught up in the challenge of the day or month and lose sight of the simple fact that life is short, just take what I have today and be happy and grateful. Thank you for posting.


This is truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing. I read your blog often, but I'm not sure I've commented before. This video, Jon's story makes most things in life seem pretty inconsequential. Awesome stuff. I hope your dreams of an ironman come true.


What an inspiration! There is really nothing to stop us from achieving our goals but ourselves. What a wonderuful story.

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