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October 28, 2009



I'm so glad you're coming back! I've missed your insight.


I'm glad to hear that! I've always enjoyed reading your thoughts and seeing your point of view, although I've never commented here before.

You never know who will stumble across this blog and find inspiration, education or comfort in your postings.

Thank you :)


Yay!! So happy to see you blogging!

You have an amazing gift of words, please keep writing.

Wendy O

SO glad to hear it! I am happy you are finding a reason for the writing and a place you can put your ideas out there--I know the trolls abound, but there are the others that really learn, appreciate, and think due to your postings.


Good to read that you continue. I never left a comment but I do follow your blog. I like the way you write and the topics are very good, they make me think a lot, so that's good. :-)

So welcome back!


Hello Paula - delurking here,

I'm glad you've decided to stay, your blog helped me tremendously when my son was going thru grief and loss for his Ethiopian mother (who relinquished him).

I value your opinion as an AP and as an adoptee. Make that 7 readers.


Looking forward to 'hearing' more from you. You've been missed.


Oh, I am so happy (I am reader #7) I don't comment often as I usually have one or two kids hanging on my leg as I type but I do love reading your insight and have learned so much from you. I can honestly say blogs like yours make me a better parent and I know will especially come in handy as my daughter navigates the world outside next year in "real school" : ) Great to have you back!

Jae Ran

I'm very happy to see you back as well. At first as I was reading, I thought you were going to say you were quitting! Glad to see that isn't the case.

I love your insights and think your voice is a very valued and much needed in the discussion.



I'm so happy to see you're blogging again! Please continue if possible. I was so happy to find your blog and so sad when you stopped blogging. My son is a Korean adoptee (6 years old) and your insights have been amazing. Thank you so much!


I am glad you want to give this relationship another try ;-)
I missed your voice. Thanks.


Woo hoo!!! So glad!!! (((((((hugs)))))))


I'm so glad. I've missed your blog.


Paula, I loved your relationship analysis being applied to your blog. I suspect those questions work for most anything.

See, there are more than 6 of us!

Welcome back.


Looking forward to "getting to know you." I think I started following during forementioned break :)


So glad to check in and see that you are keeping it going!


Bobbi Jo

Yeah! Always appreciate your voice and insight!! Welcome back.

mama nabi

:-) Just about when you posted this, I was elsewhere telling someone about how I miss your blog. <3


I check your blog every day and am always enlightened by your thoughts/words. Thank you!

Maria Bisceglia

Happy to see this post. I had missed you!


Oh, I'm so glad to see you here, Paula. I've missed you. *hugs*


Great! I've learned so much from your insights. I hope the relationship is fruitful for many years to come.


Count me in as one who is so happy that you will be writing again - your writing has enriched me and challenged me. Thanks for your honesty and integrity.
Kathy from MN


SO happy you will be writing again. Your voice has been missed.


So happy you're back too....just saw this. Seems a very important time in our lives son has all sorts of questions and is finally realizing (at least expressing) differences in himself and others (like he is fond of pointing out every Asian and telling me/them they are Korean like him) So looking forward to hearing your voice again :-)))


Well, it looks like you have a few more readers than you thought! So glad you're back. I love directing folks from the adoption community to your insightful blog.

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