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November 07, 2008


Mama Nabi

I've now gone from being angry to extremely sad. What joy do people derive from this?

Jae Ran

Yes, they're literally throwing the baby out with the bathwater in this case. While the goal was/is to prevent GLBT's from adopting, they are actually hurting children. I would love to see the CSFR (federal review) in a few years. It is pretty well established that singles, whether gay or straight, are more likely to adopt older kids from foster care, the same kids that heterosexual, two parent families find too "difficult" to love.

Nice going Arkansas. Way to sacrifice the well being of children for the sake of your anti-gay agenda.


Hey y'all. The most ridiculous issue of our lifetime. With two wars and an economy sinking in the toilet. This mean spirited law managed to pass! Who freaking cares! While I can certainly agree with the argument a man & woman needs to be involved in a child's life and that two parent household's are better statistically than one parent households. That does not mean the government should be legislating "morality", it always, ALWAYS amounts to discrimination. "Terry Schiavo, Gun laws, wealth redistribution". Someone, somewhere always gets screwed. This is a great country. But like all Government's it will always have its share of problems. I must coin the phrase "I love my country, But I fear her Government"

PS Paula glad to have you back, Was worried about you for a while.


I just wrote about this on my blog as well... So sad that children are being used as pawns so that people can make a political point about their views on same-sex marriage...

-An ashamed Arkansan who voted AGAINST the ban


I was so outraged to hear about this! Glad you blogged about it. I hope that Ethica will issue a formal protest. This whole idea is terrifying to me.

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