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November 20, 2008


Wendy O

If one thing is a commonality among people, we are all flawed.

Be who you are! That is all anyone can be and even that changes with time.

I just want to say thank you for sharing. Thank you for being who are you.

I think most of us know that what is on a blog is only a part of a person, it is a place that should be free of judgement, a place of freedom to feel and work out the inner experiences (and the outer ones); it is a shame that some feel they have to make a blog entry universal to all people or a judgement or complete representation of its author--you have never said or indicated that so I am not sure where it is coming from.

Just thanks.


i liked this. very good.


Your honesty is what makes this one of my favorite blogs. I don't want anyone to tell me the "shiny" version of their lives; the version that might win the invisible contest. I just want people to tell me what is real to them. If people who have experienced things which are valid to my life, won't speak their own truth loudly, then how can I grow?


It's so tiring to try and make adoptees take sides...


Not shame on you Paula.
Applause to you, for speaking from a perspective that few of us are able.

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