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April 10, 2007



Happy Birthday Paula.
Today, I shall drink a toast to you - and to your Umma.
I also hope that you will find each other again one day.
Sending you loads of hugs dear friend.
Poss. xxxxx


wow. powerful. happy bday.


Paula, Peaceful Birthday to you. I'll be thinking of you and your Umma today.


Happy Birthday, Paula.

What a wonderful tribute to your Umma. I know she's thinking of you today too.

With all wishes for your following birthdays to be those with knowledge of who your Umma is, with your Umma in your life.

With love,


Happy Birthday Paula. This is a beautiful tribute to your Umma. She is with you always in your heart...and spirit. Hugs for you both on this emotional day.


Happy birthday!

Oh that makes me feel so emotional. What a beautiful post. I hope one day she will be able to know from you what a lovely daughter you are.

I know she is thinking of you too Paula.

Happy Birthday.


"They" also say that "sticks and stones can hurt my bones but words can never hurt me." "They" were wrong.

Their words hurt us more than they will ever know.

Birthdays are a hard time for many of us adoptees, but I am glad you were born, Paula.


Happy Birthday :o)


Paula, your post is so touching. Wishing you a very happy birthday, wishing you will be together one day.


Happy Birthday, Paula, much love to you and your Umma.


Happy Birthday....and I wish you much luck in finding yor Umma.

Paula O.

Thank you everyone for your kind wishes and supportive words. From the very deepest part of me, thank you.


Oh Paula, what a beautiful post. Happy Belated Birthday! It's days like these that I wish they were right and we didn't feel grief all of these years later. Know that I am thinking of you and you and your Umma are including in my prayers. Best wishes dear friend, Rebecca


Oh, okay - you made me cry! May your birthday wishes come true, Paula.


I am crying too. This was beautiful.
I hope all of your dreams and wishes are fulfilled this year.

KT MeeHee

I love the pictures and the poem is heartbreakingly beautiful...if that makes any sense...

Happy birthday, one day late...


Happy Belated Bday, Paula!


Happy Belated Birthday Paula!
Your pictures, your words . . . both are painfully beautiful.


Happy Belated Birthday!

Paula O.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. I really appreciate them.


This has me in tears. Happy (belated) Birthday, Paula.

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