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March 30, 2007



lovely. i love your writing. this post reminded me of the 72 hours straight I did have my daughter. sleeping with me, me holding her, feeding her, etc. I hope those first three days did mean something to her. They meant the world to me.


Oh, Paula. Oh, Paula.

No words, as usual, just deep thanks for expressing the importance of everyone's relationship with the woman who gave them life.



Like Margie, I seem to be at a loss for words. I only want to acknowledge the importance of YOUR words, your feelings, that illuminate the deepest needs of adoptees.

Thank you.

KT MeeHee

I found myself having so many moments like the one you are describing while I was in Korea, and it's so overwhelming!

I would see a mother with a baby cradled on her lap on the subway and I would silently wonder if my Korean mother rode the subway with me during those first few months while I was with her. Or if the mother was with a child stroking her daughter's black hair, I would wonder if that's what we would have looked like if I was still with her--just agnozing questions that wouldn't stop popping into my mind!

Thanks for sharing this b/c I think so many of us adoptees in general and TRAs in specific can relate.

Paula O.

Thank you, Suz. I truly believe that we as infants physically and emotionally store those earliest of memories with our mothers - and that those early memories are deeply embedded into us. I believe those 3 days you spent with your daughter are part of her forever.

Margie: Thank you for your understanding.

Judy: I appreciate your validating words - thank you.

(((KT MeeHee))) Hugs my friend. I can only imagine how emotional your visits were in Korea. There's something so surreal about thinking about it all - the search for our mothers - but so amazingly raw and primal, too. Thank you.

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