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January 19, 2007



This is so poignant. It requires no more words from me.

I pray that you know them all too.

LeRoy Dissing

As do I... I do not know why those who have not been adopted find it so strange that adoptees would want to know their parents. To me, it is very human and innately wired in us, like a homing pigeon, to want to know. I know someday you will find them or they you.


I'll hope for a miracle for you. I'm sorry that there isn't an easy way for you to find them, truly sorry.

Paula O.

Thank you guys for your support and encouragement.

Elizabeth - I, too, hope for a miracle. I know the search will be far from easy. I appreciate your words. Thank you.


Thinking of you.

Paula O.

Thank you, Chez. :) I'm thinking of you, too.


I pray for a miracle for you too. Don't lose HOPE. There's always that. I pray for my son that someday he will be able to make a connection with his family. I had no idea when we adopted him how hard it would be to not know anything. I cannot even imagine how he will feel someday. I pray things change and the closed walls of adoption open up in the future. For everyone.
HUGS to you Paula and all the other adoptees searching.

Paula O.


You don't know how badly I needed to hear those words today. Thank you for your heartfelt words of hope and validation.

This weekend was really hard (adoption wise), for a number of reasons. I'll post more about it soon.

Thank you, Rose.


Wow, Paulo. A powerful post. You have opened my eyes so much through your blog and I am constantly learning through you. Thank you for sharing your insight and your life with me.


Paula O.

Thank you for reading, Danyelle. And thank you for taking the time to comment. It means a lot.


Paula, I need to remember to bring the Kleenex box when I read your blog. I pray that you will know them too. Big hugs, Rebecca

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